NBC's Heidi Przybyla Rattles Rep. Lee Zeldin By Being Professional

Photo of NBC's Heidi Przybyla Rattles Rep. Lee Zeldin By Being Professional

What's the saying, "When you don't have a defense, criticize the process?" Here's a variation: "When you don't have an answer, criticize the person who asks." That's the perfect description of what happened in this press scrum with three Republican members of Congress and NBC reporter Heidi Przybyla. Add in, of course, a heaping side dish of sexism (why are you so PUSHY, Heidi?) because REPUBLICANS.

ZELDIN: You have to let me answer your questions.

PRZYBYLA: Okay, anti-corruption platforms...

ZELDIN: That's fantastic. Okay, so after you have... and listen, if I give a good answer, that doesn't mean that you have to cut me off. I know that if I give a bad answer you'd probably let me go all day. I understand that. This is our second day.

PRZYBYLA: I'll cut you off if you give a bad one.

ZELDIN: Right. Well, let me answer you.

PRZYBYLA: Go ahead.

Catch that? Meanwhile, no answer to her question (which was about corruption in Ukraine.) Just whining about not being allowed to finish answers that are filled with BS, and the insulting implication that she is not impartial and professional.

ZELDIN: Questions?

PRZYBYLA: Biden, Crowdstrike, and what is the other specific corruption?

ZELDIN: So, as far as — (to other reporters) listen, anyone else have any questions? I'd be happy to answer this one...

PRZYBYLA: I know it's a hard question, but it's important.

ZELDIN: Oh, no, no, no. Hold on.

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