What to Wear to Get Spotted at Fashion Week

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Fashion Week season requires a stepping-up of your wardrobe. Designers are currently showing their Fall/Winter 2020 collections, which means it’s time for an upgrade of your outerwear, pants, and accessories — especially if you’re attending.

When preparing your looks, go for pieces that can steal the show. We all want to be snapped outside shows and featured on street style edits, let’s be honest. It helps to pick one strong an item a day that you can base your dressing around. It might be a JW Anderson cardigan one day, and a pair of orange Heron Preston pants the next. The mistake is thinking every garment you have on needs to be a show stopper, but that is what separates the pros from the amateurs. The way to win Fashion Week is to have discipline and taste.

When in the colder seasons, you need to be worried about your outerwear, pants, and accessories the most. Your jacket can easily steal the show, and in order to do that, make sure it is top-notch. This Craig Green x Moncler collab coat gives street style photographers a good front and back reason to photo you.

These heron pants are an alley-oop for you to have an outstanding fit. The fit is there and the color is there. Make sure your shoes are solid and your jacket is not too overpowering to make this a complete look. I would suggest picking dark earth tones to let the Heron pants breathe.

Good eyewear adds to every look. In the winter, a thicker frame is more substantial. It’s like a sweater. The colder it is the heavier it should be.

There has been a massive burst in diverse neckwear this year. Yes, it is the Fall/Winter and scarves are a necessity, but it’s how they are tied that make them a piece to dress around.

A good hat can help on a bad hair day, and quickly fix an outfit. It’s fashion week, and even though you may have planned your fits, your vibe can change and maybe last night got too crazy and you rushed out of the hotel. Make sure you have a good hat you can grab before chasing down your Uber.

JW has become a go-to for beautiful knitwear, simply because he makes pieces like this. This is the look. Once again it is important to know which piece of your outfit is the captain of the team and calling the shots. Put on a smart pair of slacks and a derby and let that cardigan make Phil Oh have no choice to snap away.

Martine single handily made square-toed shoes acceptable. Take advantage of this newfound acceptance by wearing these with a good sock and a cropped trouser. Not that these shoes need any help being seen, but with a few style tips these shoes will be the talk of the front row.

When your speed walking from show to show the flow of your outfit can be quite magical. These Issey pants are free-flowing and elegant. They will create volume in your fit. Can go with a T-shirt or a suit.

Everyone needs a bag to keep invites and personal belongings in at Fashion Week. Simon Jacquemus has added a bright floral bag as an option — a nice contrast to the blue and black bags most will be carrying. It is also far from the season where flowers are out in full effect so let this bag be a sense of nostalgia for warmer times and fewer layers.

Sometimes a lighter jacket might work better with your look, but it’s still winter, so find a strong vest that can be added on top of your light jacket so you don’t freeze. This 424 vest is the perfect extra layer for this.

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