What Do J Lo and the Spring Coach Campaign Have in Common? "We're Both New York Originals"

Photo of What Do J Lo and the Spring Coach Campaign Have in Common? "We're Both New York Originals"

Stuart Vevers brings the feel-good, poppy vibes from his Spring 2020 Coach runway show to the season's campaign, which stars new Coach mainstays Jennifer Lopez and Michael B. Jordan. Aptly titled "Originals Go Their Own Way," this series was shot around New York and encourages fans of the fashion house to embrace their uniqueness, get playful, and express themselves.

Coach stayed close to home for this one, tapping photographer Juergen Teller to capture J Lo and Jordan around Hudson Yards, where the company is headquartered, and on the High Line, where the Spring 2020 collection was debuted. You might also notice the "Brick House" sculpture in the background of these shots if you're able to look beyond the fashion for a moment. The public artwork was featured in Coach's recent show - the bust of a black woman that is a symbol of inclusion and also geographically significant for the brand since it lives at Hudson Yards.

J Lo connects her history to Coach and its current vibe wonderfully in a statement: "I have a unique history with Coach that dates back to 'All I Have.' It is a brand that embodies the essence of being born and bred in New York and I, of course, deeply relate to that. In all it creates, Coach promotes individuality and optimism in its style as well as a sense of authenticity and inclusion. Like me, we're both New York originals, who create a unique mix of high-fashion with street edge."

If you're already checking out the accessory details, we don't blame you. You'll notice the Hutton, Rambler, and men's Pacer backpack and Belt bag, which are all introduced here. We are loving the retro vibes and feeling all this colored leather, so here's to reinventing yourself with some very cool Coach accessories this Spring, proudly sported by J Lo and Michael B. Jordan themselves.

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