Rachel Maddow Blisters The NYT's 'Unresolved Issues' About Hillary Clinton

Photo of Rachel Maddow Blisters The NYT's 'Unresolved Issues' About Hillary Clinton

Rachel Maddow was in her element Friday night. She started off a segment that seemed like it was going to be about Mike Flynn, and the karmic satisfaction of the man singlehandedly responsible for the fascist "Lock her up!" chants about Hillary Clinton being sentenced to jail time himself, for lying to the FBI.

Maddow shifted, though, to the obsession that the entire segment of Right Wing Nut Jobs had with Hillary Clinton. Trump, Fox News, Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, all using the full force of the U.S. Justice Department to pursue the very real option of actually putting Hillary Clinton in jail. Investigation after investigation, all ending in absolute whimpering defeat for the Hillary-haters.

She even slammed James Comey by reminding us that the Justice Department IG found "[t]he only real wrongdoing related to this e-mail thing was the FBI director deciding to make public statements about that investigation during the campaign because he felt like he was under so much pressure to look tough on Hillary Clinton, that he felt like he had to say something about Hillary Clinton in the middle of this investigation, even though it probably influenced the election, and even though the FBI itself concluded there was never any reason to bring charges in this case."

Then, however, it became apparent Maddow was just gassing up. She'd saved the strongest of her righteous analytic firepower for...

The New York Times.

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