A young computer engineer tries to solve a mystery in first teaser for Devs


Nick Offerman stars as a sinister Silicon Valley executive in Devs, a sci-fi thriller from FX and Hulu.

Something sinister is afoot as a young computer engineer investigates a mysterious disappearance at a Silicon Valley quantum computing company in Devs, a forthcoming sci-fi miniseries created by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation). The first teaser for the FX/Hulu miniseries just dropped, in conjunction with Garland's appearance at the Television Critics Association (TCA) meeting.

In Devs, young engineer Lily Chan (Sonoya Mizuno of Crazy Rich Asians) is convinced her recently deceased boyfriend was murdered, rather than committing suicide. She suspects it has something to do with the highly secretive development division (the titular DEVS) of the quantum computing company she works for: Amaya.

Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation, Fargo) co-stars as Amaya's obsessively sinister CEO, Forest, with Alison Pill (American Horror Story: Cult) playing his second in command, a quantum physicist named Katie. Rounding out the main cast are Zach Grenier (The Good Wife) as Amaya's head of security, Kenton; Jin Ha (Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert) as Lily's former boyfriend, Jamie, a cyber security specialist; Stephen McKinley Henderson (Lady Bird) as Stewart, one of the researchers in DEVS; and Cailee Spaeny (Bad Times at the El Royale) as Lyndon, yet another DEVS employee.

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