New Year, New Space? Homeware to Buy Before the Boring Essentials

Photo of New Year, New Space? Homeware to Buy Before the Boring Essentials

Like it or not, the spaces we use for living in are often an extension of us. We all have that sickeningly pragmatic friend you just know is going to call a so-minimal-it’s-barely-there home, home. That’s not us, though. We measure the greatness of a space by object pick-up rate per visitor. Yep, we know plates are probably a more important homeware piece than a leopard-print ashtray — but who cares.

From collectible bears to designer candles, the list of attention-grabbing homeware pieces below is a safe bet for turning that drab space into one you might not want to leave.

Here’s the aforementioned leopard-print culprit. Japanese wild one Wacko Maria gives a better reason than most to start smoking. Just kidding — appropriate for holding jewelry, spare change, love letters. You name it.

Not so much homeware, but a home essential IMO. Because who wants to run down the hallway or up a flight of stairs just to let them know you take two sugars?

You know the score with a BE@RBRICK. A museum-worthy home accessory that you’ll have to remind people not to touch. More than once.

This one’s decidedly more minimal, but the forest green hue will lift a tired space more than expected. Coming in at under $50, it’s also not a bank-breaker.

While the above keeps it sensible on the budget front, it’s all about balance. Which is why we’ve included a candle that comes with a plus $300 price tag. It’s Gucci, though! It’s also hand-painted and made in Italy, fit for really showing off.

Just stained your mom’s cream carpet? This Billionaire Boys Club rug is a better option for covering it up than the family cat.

Created by Lilian Martinez, homeware purveyor BFGF combines illustrations straight from the ancient-world with pop culture symbols and characters — the head of Lisa Simpson, basketballs, and, in this case, a Nike Swoosh, for example.

Dressing your space doesn’t come cheap. And before (and after) doing so, you’ll want to count that coin. Do so in style with a handcrafted leather coin bank, shaped like a car, by Hender Scheme.

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