Highsnobiety and Selfridges Partner to Curate First-of-Its-Kind Retail Concept

Photo of Highsnobiety and Selfridges Partner to Curate First-of-Its-Kind Retail Concept

Today, Highsnobiety and Selfridges announce “The Co.Lab,” a first-of-its-kind retail concept set to showcase a variety of curated product drops and exclusive collaborations. Occupying Selfridges’ Corner Shop, the space’s modular build means evergreen displays will serve as a backdrop to the concept’s wealth of releases, rotated weekly.

“Our partnership with Highsnobiety will be the first curation of its kind at Selfridges. Highsnobiety’s unique position as a cultural aggregator and authority and its multi-platform, multi-disciplinary approach has unlocked the next-level of brand collaboration. This opportunity for our customers to engage with a project via digital and social elements — by film, by art, by a need-to-see space, and, of course, by world-class product — reinforces our feelings of positivity, optimism, and energy for 2020 retail.”

Sebastian Manes, Selfridges executive buying and merchandising director

By leveraging Highsnobiety’s unique position as one of today’s foremost cultural authorities, Selfridges has been able to set a new precedent in merging digital and physical retail. “This partnership was a natural fit, as Highsnobiety is leading the way for a new type of storytelling and digital curation of products, while Selfridges truly understands how to curate and tell stories within a physical space,” says David Fischer, CEO and co-founder of Highsnobiety. Fischer goes on to note that the collaboration will “challenge the way our audience interacts with unique collaborations and prestige brands.”

The first product drop, landing Monday January 6, will feature a collection of Highsnobiety merchandise created to commemorate the documentary Colette, Mon Amour, followed throughout the month by collaborative releases from Matthew Williams’ ALYX x B&O, Sotheby’s, as well as with Maison Margiela — the first time the French luxury fashion house has ever produced a co-branded product. There will also be a line of HS Essentials dropping, with all products available both in-store as well as online at the Highsnobiety Shop.

Over the coming weeks, Highsnobiety will deliver a series of immersive editorials to commemorate and adequately highlight the uniqueness of each collection. Stay tuned for more.

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