Andrew Yang requests 4 pre-debate polls in leaked letter to DNC

Photo of Andrew Yang requests 4 pre-debate polls in leaked letter to DNC

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has asked the Democratic National Committee to conduct four polls by Jan. 10.

In a leaked letter sent to DNC Chairman Tom Perez on Dec. 21, which was first obtained by the Daily Beast, Yang asks the DNC to take the exceptional measure of commissioning four more polls in early-voting states to determine which candidates qualify for the Jan. 14 debate in Iowa. He believes this will foster more diversity on the debate stage.

“With the upcoming holidays and meager number of polls currently out in the field, a diverse set of candidates might be absent from the stage in Des Moines for reasons out of anyone’s control,” Yang reportedly wrote. “This is a troubling prospect for our party. Regardless of the DNC’s best intentions, voters would cry foul and could even make unfounded claims of bias and prejudice.”

Yang was the only minority candidate who qualified for the last debate. None have qualified for the Jan. 14 debate.

Like Yang, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) has met the fundraising thresholds, but not the polling threshold. Yang has polled high enough to take the stage in one poll but needs three more to qualify.

In the letter, Yang referenced the fact that it’s been over a month since the last poll was conducted in early voting states Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. “As you know, big shifts can happen within short periods in this race, as we’ve already witnessed multiple times,” he wrote.

He added that additional polling “would provide an accurate snapshot of the current state of the race and where voters’ hearts and minds are, thus getting ahead of an imminent problem.”

After the story broke, Yang echoed this concern on Twitter.

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