Micro Bags, Moon Tops & Mules: The Products That Had a Moment in 2019

Photo of Micro Bags, Moon Tops & Mules: The Products That Had a Moment in 2019

The Highsnobiety team spends a hefty chunk of each year’s 365 days talking, thinking, and shopping product. A divisive new sneaker or a stan-worthy individual sparking a renaissance in wardrobe pieces we’d canceled from the closet long ago is what gets us going. And 2019 didn’t disappoint.

With the sun setting on the year, we’ve indulged in a retrospective of the products that made waves in our world, exploring the talked-about, loved-and-hated, and meme-generating pieces of 2019. From the fleece’s new dawn to the working in of workwear to red carpet fits, a lot went down in the world of shopping over the last year, so don’t blame us if we missed a moment or two (we need a holiday too ‘ya know!)

Though just two inches in size, Jacquemus’ miniature bag had a massive moment in 2019. An even smaller iteration of the previous year’s Le Saq Chiquito, the Mini Le Chiquito was met with a deluge of micro-bag-bashing memes. With sartorial shock-thresholds increasing tenfold this year, we look forward to where Jacqemus takes its accessories in 2020.

As seen on Kendall Jenner, Wells Fargo Center, January 2019

We all went wild for the wooly stuff this year, and so did the world’s number one model. Sure, the everyday use of outdoor wear certainly didn’t arise in 2019, but it seemed to be present in the wardrobes of pretty much everyone at the decade’s close. As if it needed encouragement, the look got plenty by strong fleece shows from the likes of Kendall Jenner and Shia LaBeouf. With the green one worn by the model now out hard to find, you can cop the blue edition of the Snap-T pullover above.

As seen above, the encroach of built-for-hiking brands on our day-to-day fits blew up this year. Patagonia pieces occupied the more accessible side of this adoption, but a movement for more niche outdoor garments grew too. Arguably Instagram’s best account, organiclab.zip is the result of a generation that saw pops’ power walk gear turn grail. The fact Arc’teryx is now stocked by most luxe retailers is a telling sign o’ the times.

As seen on Kanye West, Met Gala, May 2019

Let’s face it, humans are shallow. And when celebs wear something, what often follows is a scramble to cop that very same thing. With our innate shopping habits uncontrollable, it helps when these pieces are affordable. All hail bank balance savior Kanye West and his donning of a sub-$100 Dickies Eisenhower jacket at the 2019 Met Gala. Did it fit the event’s “Camp: Notes on Fashion” theme? Not really. But a moment, nonetheless.

French designer Marine Serre had a real year to remember in 2019, and the crescent moon second-skin-like turtleneck was a key player in the label’s monumental rise. A bonafide statement piece, it’s probably best to get as much wear out of this one before everyone has it. Did we mention you can get one for your dog too?

As seen on our #MuleBoyz Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas pretty much all year

For many of us here at Highsnobiety, 2019 will go down as the year of the mule. Spearheaded by our very own no-heel heroes Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas, the mulement went from a quiet tale of two to a bonafide cult of the clog, even getting its own Insta page. A favorite brand for us — Our Legacy — came through with, personally, the mule of the year.

Sportswear’s occupation of pretty much all sartorial territory strengthened as the decade went on, with 2018 being the point when athleisure reached saturation. Under the everywhere-you-look rule of GORE-TEX, our hunger for more sophisticated options only intensified, and this year saw men explore the footwear plains with more freedom. And thus, the return of the heel happened.

As seen on A$AP Rocky, August 2019

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