Sen. Ron Johnson Can't Let Go Of 'Russia Hoax' Delusion

Photo of Sen. Ron Johnson Can't Let Go Of 'Russia Hoax' Delusion

Senator Ron Johnson continues to be one of the biggest MAGA Trump Fluffers, denying Trump's obvious impeachable offenses, even in the face of evidence like the bombshell email directing the hold of $391M of military aid sent just 91 minutes after Trump spoke with Ukrainian President Zelensky about "doing us a favor, though."

When talking about Putin planting the idea to Trump that Ukraine messed in the 2016 election, and not Russia, Johnson continued parroting Russian/FOX propaganda even after ABC's This Week host Martha Raddatz read a quote from the Washington Post article:

"One former senior White House official said Trump even stated so explicitly at one point, saying he knew Ukraine was the real culprit because “Putin told me.”

While Johnson has "no doubt that Russia interfered in the election", he adds that "Democrats and the media are carrying water for the false Russia hoax" which makes no sense at all. Both of his statements cannot be true. If Russia did interfere, it isn't a hoax. If it is a hoax, then he can't believe that they interfered.

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