Kamala Harris Aims Her Truth-Seeking Missiles At Barr And Giuliani

Photo of Kamala Harris Aims Her Truth-Seeking Missiles At Barr And Giuliani

The DOJ's Inspector General's report came out on the origins of the Mueller report. Led by IG Michael Horowitz, the report's findings concluded that the investigation into Russia's interference in our 2016 elections WAS justified, and not predicated on political bias. This made Republicans SAD, so the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings to try to discredit the Mueller report ANYWAY.

Republicans forgot they had people like Senator Kamala Harris on the opposing team, and she subjected them to her lethal witness-questioning, all designed to tie the GOP into knots, paint them into corners. Sen. Harris took the opportunity to go after Bill Barr's slavish and completely improper devotion to Trump, Rudy Giuliani's despicable and illegal activity as Trump's personal lawyer, and even got the Inspector General to come out in favor of legislation that would change the law to give the IG even MORE power to investigate the Attorney General.

Probably not exactly what the Senate Republicans were hoping for.

After establishing that FBI director Christopher Wray fully accepts the IG Report, including the findings that mistakes were made in the investigation and procedures need changing, Sen. Harris moved on to ask Horowitz about AG Barr's criticism and dismissal of the report.

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