The 15 Best Products to Drop This Holiday & Where to Buy Them

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For years now, Highsnobiety’s team of product curators has delivered a weekly roundup of the latest and best in streetwear, sneakers, fashion and lifestyle products. The now-illustrious 15 Drops series has however never taken on a festive tone… not a single ill-founded turkey pun, or talk of that bloke who delivers presents on a sleigh. So, in an attempt to buck this trend, Highsnobiety’s shopping team is proud to present you with “The 15 Best Products to Drop This Holiday & Where to Buy Them.”

Based around a cluster of rather stereotypical holiday themes, this week curator Yulia Pankova offers up a selection of must-haves fit for the entire family:

“This is a special month for 15 Drops. While our team is working around the clock to curate this year’s gift guides, we are all anticipating the holidays and spending quality time with our friends and family. Below I have put together a list of gift ideas for everyone; for those you love, hate, or just spend a lot of time with.”

Yulia Pankova

“So, starting off this week’s selection is a cheerful, yet luxurious striped Mohair-Blend Scarf from Loewe. This is the perfect gift for a mother: it looks beautiful and promises to protect her from cold.”

“Oh, this Panama Mini Cross-Grain Currency Case from Smythson is one of those accessories you never knew you needed until now. If one of your parents is a frequent traveler, this is the piece for them! It even features a multi-colored build to help them separate their currencies with ease.”

“Good times and lots of great food are traits of grandparents worlds over. So, why not treat them to this elegant set of glass gelato spoons from Yali Glass? I personally don’t think you have to wait until summer to enjoy gelato with the family. Made in Italy using an age-old lamp-working technique, the form and structure of each spoon is a picture of meticulous craft. They might even better than those souvenirs they brought back from Europe all those years ago…”

Bodega Rose and Soulland teamed up on a capsule collection drawing inspiration from the horticulture sector. Launched exclusively on the Highsnobiety Shop, the overall aesthetic is playful enough to be a fit for the youngest of siblings.”

“A new pair of sneakers is the best gift I can only hope to receive this holiday. For this to work however, you really have to understand what your siblings love. The New Balance 530 would be a cool gift for your sister, brother, or your favorite cousin!”

“The holidays are a great excuse to spoil your significant other. And what better way to spoil them than with an iconic designer piece from Prada. A favorite of mine is the Nylon Logo Plaque Belt Beg; it is the epitome of unadulterated holiday elegance.”

“Honestly, sending this RAVE Skateboards x RIOT x Chateau Archambeau Wine Bottle to your ex might be the best decision of 2019. It doesn’t really matter if the break up was amicable or not, because drinking wine can help in both cases. We don’t however condone drinking to cover up your feelings…”

“Soho Home’s Alba Fringed Mohair-Blend Blanket is one of those homeware pieces everybody deserves… in-laws or otherwise. The product is simple, chic and versatile enough to fit in any home.”

“If your bestie is woke — a term we will hopefully do away with in the new year — then they probably already know, and love BODE. A pioneer in this year’s sustainable fashion circuit, BODE has carved out its reputation for prompting its fanbase to consume more consciously”

“One of this week’s hottest sneaker releases was the A Ma Maniére x Nike Air Force 1 Low. I know that you probably didn’t cop these for retail, but these are a good example of what your lucky sneaker fanatic would have loved. Hindsight can be so frustrating at times.”

Cav Empt’s Denim Bucket Hat is an unbeatable cop for your most stylish friend. If they consider themselves a bit of a fashionista, then Japanese brands like this are definitely on their radar.”

“This Leather Beret from Our Legacy can look very ordinary to some, but I want to assure you that such headwear can be a secret weapon in the right hands. If you’ve been tasked with finding a gift for that friend who is always a little over the top, go for a cool accessory like this one. After all, real friends help each other live their most excessive lives.”

“New Balance has managed to situate itself between the circles of the most stylish, and the most Dad-ish for years now. This Hoops Graphic T-shirt is the perfect gift for all the fun uncles in your life.”

“Here at Highsnobiety, we have a special love for the random objects made by our favorite brands. Bias aside, pieces such as the Protect Survive Walkie Talkie Set by Carhartt WIP are objectively fantastic! These mini radios would make asking for snacks a lot more fun.”

“If you are out there copping jawnz for yourself, how can you not think about your furry companions? Leading on from Rhianna’s selection last week, here we have a very glitzy upcycled dog harness from Marine Serre. Pieces like this will have you wanting to wear the same outfit as your pet.”

S.R. STUDIO. LA. CA. just launched its own footwear line this week, and this is now at the top of my personal wishlist. The Therapist Slip-On Chelsea Boots feature a grained leather build, platform sole and subtle branding around the heels. The final boss of chunky leather boots.”

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