Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted Partying With Kendall Jenner & The Hadid Sisters At Art Basel!

Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted Partying With Kendall Jenner & The Hadid Sisters At Art Basel!

Girlfriend? Age gap? Camila Morrone?! Are any of these words ringin’ a bell for ya, Leonardo DiCaprio?!

The Titanic actor evidently couldn’t be bothered by all that jazz this week, considering a source spotted the now-45-year-old film star partying with supermodels Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Gigi Hadid on Wednesday night while down in Miami for Art Basel.

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According to an eyewitness at the all-night hotspot Ultraclub E11VEN, who spoke about the sighting to People on Friday morning, the Revenant star had his hands full with the lovely ladies all night long! Apparently, the A-list film star made himself at home at a table with all three of the leggy models, as well as a larger group of friends, from well after midnight until around 6:00 a.m. on Thursday morning. Whew!

Considering our previous reporting on celebrity happenings across Miami during Art Basel, it’d appear this marks the second consecutive night at the venue for Jenner and Bella. Hey, if it’s fun, why not do it again?! Even better the second time around when you can party with Leo, too!

Camila Morrone gave a powerful interview earlier this month, asking to be recognized for her own body of work rather than as the girlfriend of the famous film star. / (c) WENN

As for the 45-year-old Wolf of Wall Street thespian, nobody’s given any indication he pulled a Justin Timberlake, or anything like that, although his 22-year-old girlfriend is half a world away right now. Morrone is busy attending the Marrakech International Film Festival in Morocco, where she was photographed Thursday, in order to promote some of her recent film work. And without Leo by her side, well, she’s trying to strike out on her own and make a name for herself while he, uh, cavorts around Miami with super models, natch!

Remember, it was Morrone herself who recently publicly came out swinging, asking to be known for more than the man she’s been dating for the last two years. Well, now she’s got a critically-acclaimed part in the well-received new movie Mickey and the Bear, so it appears she’s getting what she wants with this one! And as for Leo: are players gonna play while the GF’s away, or is it just harmless fun with friends during one of the hottest weeks of the year down in South Beach??

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You tell us what you think down in the comment section (below), Perezcious readers! Where do you stand on Leo’s clubbin’ ways with Kendall and the Hadid girls?? Especially when Camila is, oh, only a few thousand miles away, and across an ocean! Oops!

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