Futura Designed Coffee Accessories Hotter Than a Cup of Joe

Photo of Futura Designed Coffee Accessories Hotter Than a Cup of Joe

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As both a coffee and jawnz enthusiast, rarely do the two worlds. My coffee equipment is more sentimental than stylish, with my favorite mug from a trip to Skywalker Ranch and my go-to thermos from the café I spent countless hours in during college. While I’ll never abandon those, I will strongly recommend these heaters, no pun intended, from Futura.

The legendary artist handled all the branding for the Alchemist Art Café, a one-week pop-up in Miami for Art Basel. His graphic of two of his caricatures holding cups of joe appear on Modernica Side Shell Eiffel Chairs exclusive to the shop, as well as their cups and napkins. But more importantly, you can take home the freaky little coffee enthusiasts thanks to a 7-piece capsule of merchandise available that includes coasters, a mug, and thermos.

You can pick up the pieces, or simply to bask in a space full of Futura’s work, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. starting today and running through December 8.

Alchemist Art Café
172 NE 40th St
Miami, Florida 33137

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