Our Fragrance Gift Guide for the Perfect Perfume

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A good fragrance is the gift that will keep giving, but it can be especially difficult to get the right scent for the right person. Sometimes it feels like the best thing to do is to just buy what everyone else is buying. This is why, year after year, people are purchasing bottles of Paco Rabanne “1 MILLION” for less-than-enthusiastic receivers.

To avoid this, we’ve selected some of the best and most under-appreciated fragrances on the market from dedicated perfumers like Serge Lutens, as well as options from leading fashion brands with a reputation for a good nose, such as Tom Ford and Maison Margiela.

Maison Margiela’s REPLICA series aims to capture the scent of specific locations and time periods. This one is focused on the woody notes of a Brooklyn jazz club, replete with the smokiness of cigars and sharpness of a strong cocktail.

The unisex fragrance from Swedish luxury goods brand BYREDO is said to reflect the brand’s founder Ben Gorham’s personality: nomadic, free, and creative. Sound like anyone you know?

Baie 19, the perfect fragrance for the bae in your life, captures the way the air smells after a bout of heavy rain on dry earth, with notes of juniper berry, patchouli, and green leaves.

Tom Ford is a dedicated perfumer, and this Tobacco Vanille scent is inspired by London – specifically, the masculine scent of a private gentleman’s club.

This complex perfume contains bergamot, tangerine, cinnamon, vanilla, musk, and amber. The result is an explosive and turbulent fragrance that could become your significant other’s signature scent.

French photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, and fashion designer Serge Lutens launched his fragrance brand Parfums-Beauté in 2000. After a decade in the industry, the Chergui Eau de Parfum is the peak of luxury parfumerie, with notes of immortal flower, leather, and hay, creating a warm and inviting scent.

Terre d’Hermès is a bona fide classic men’s fragrance. Not classic in the sense of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male (a great fragrance that suffered from over-exposure), but classic is the sense that it kind of works for everyone, with an earthy scent that’s not too overpowering.

This fragrance – the final chapter from the brand’s perfume trilogy – is musky, woody, and masculine, with notes of vetiver, iris, lavender, hibiscus, and Virginia cedar.

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