Things I Bought for Myself While Shopping for Others

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We’ve all been there… going out, hell-bent on buying great presents for everyone, only to come home — ever so slightly ashamed — with bags full of gifts for ourselves.

There is no hard and fast explanation as to why this happens, but after years of repeat offenses, we can put it down to human nature. Good conscience aside, very few can resist the urge of wanting to treat themselves. Highsnobiety product curator Noah Thomas has put together a list of goods that good, he simply couldn’t resist picking them up while shopping for others.

“This CLOT tee is one of those purchases that might be for you, or might be for someone else. You’re not going to be sure until you go home and try it on and… well, you get the idea.”

“It feels like you never need a new wallet, until you start looking at new wallets, and realize you’ve had yours for way too long. That’s what happened here with this little Marni number.”

“Odd body accessories are always such interesting finds. Ludovic de Saint Sernin‘s Ceramic Belly Button is the kind of jewelry piece you never knew you needed. But now that you know it exists, there is no other option than to make this novelty purchase.”

“This was your standard I’ll-buy-you-a-pair-and-take-a-pair-for-myself purchase so it’s fine. This Salomon release is the perfect everyday staple… they had to come home with me.”

“Yes, I should not be shopping for me, and if I am looking for hats it should probably be a beanie since it’s that time of the year. This Moncler joint however had such a good, vintage feel to it, buying it felt like buying a rare grail.”

“Liberal Youth Ministry is such a good name for a brand. Its LYM Logo Shirt is wholly festive, and gives you a cheeky way to show up to family gatherings looking the part, while adding some humor to the mix.”

The Raf Simons Rose Charm is a very chic gift that was realistically only ever going to be for one person…. ME! It looks great on jackets and could even be used as a pendant. Finding multiple purposes for products like this is important for helping you justify purchasing it.”

“While scrolling through SSENSE, looking for a sick hat for my friend, I saw this Fendi Logo Balaclava in a rich black and yellow palette. It looked like it would last a lifetime. It looked like I needed it. And now, my friend will be getting a cheaper gift.”

“If I was still at an age where I was relying on my mom to buy me the things I wanted for Christmas, this Kapital watch would be at the top of my list. This is ultimately what made this cop happen.”

“Have you ever been searching diligently for a gift but nothing seemed wow enough except for a pair of very clean Margiela sneakers that were just calling your name? Yeah, same.”

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