Alternatives to the Holiday Attire We’re All Sick & Tired Of

Photo of Alternatives to the Holiday Attire We’re All Sick & Tired Of

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In sartorial terms, the holiday season can be a real shit show. From your co-worker’s snowman sweater that appears every year, to the where-would-you-even-buy-those socks, seasonal garms are traditionally bad. With the desire to leave such tradition in the past, our alternative holiday wardrobe series brings you the replacement pieces we wholly approve of.

First up, the slipper. A tired stalwart in the family’s holiday footwear rotation, it’s about time we had an alternative. As you no doubt heard — 2019 was the year of the mule. Spearheaded by our very own no-heel heroes Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas, the mulement went from a tale of two to a bonafide cult of the clog, even getting a dedicated Insta page. It’s up to you whether our alternative slipper selection is used for your mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, friend, or whoever. What’s certain — you can expect some heel-less highlights.

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