Don Johnson: ‘I didn’t expect to live to 30, so it’s all been gravy’

Photo of Don Johnson: ‘I didn’t expect to live to 30, so it’s all been gravy’

The Miami Vice star discusses his new film Knives Out, his 20 minutes with Trump and the pitfalls of being too good-looking

A few weeks shy of turning 70, the American actor Don Johnson can look back on a rich, never-dull career. “I feel the same as I always have,” he says, flashing that smile, “16 and unruly!” He broke through in the 1980s as a swaggering Sonny Crockett in the TV series Miami Vice. Life on screen and off was fast and glamorous; Johnson has been married five times (twice to Melanie Griffith) and engaged in Olympic-level hedonism. But the work has rarely slowed, including roles in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and now Knives Out, a slick, funny whodunnit from Rian Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi). The film also stars Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Christopher Plummer, who plays a successful crime novelist whose untimely death turns a dysfunctional family against one another.

It looks like you and the cast of Knives Out had a great time making it. Or was that really good acting on your part?
I always say when people mention this that “it’s kind of our job to make it look easy and fun”. You have to look like that even with people that you could do time for any sort of heinous act you committed on them. But no, this was one of those joyous occasions where we actually did have fun.

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