Jadagrace’s “Bounce” Is Almost Too Much of a Vibe

Photo of Jadagrace’s “Bounce” Is Almost Too Much of a Vibe

grouptherapy. is a tight-knit collective/record label founded by four friends, executive-produced by upcoming hitmaker Dee Lilly. If you haven’t heard of them just yet, don’t sweat it; they’re in the midst of a grand unveiling proving that they are the supergroup to watch moving into 2020.

So far, each group member has released a standalone single and video showcasing their prowess. We are beyond thrilled to host the premiere to Jadagrace’s “Bounce,” a serious bop from grouptherapy.’s sole female member that is, as their own description so brilliantly details, “clinically proven to imbue the listener with That Bitch™ energy… this shit makes me feel like a charlie’s angel on god incredible.”

Check it out for yourself below.

“I was in NY when TJW sent me the beat,” Jadagrace tells Highsnobiety via email, “and I immediately started laying down ideas, but nothing was flowing. When I got back to LA, [fellow grouptherapy. member] TJW and I sat down and wrote the entire song in one sitting. When we were done, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We played it for the group and they lost their minds. I knew it was the next single. ‘Bounce’ is about me reclaiming my confidence, exercising my agency, and establishing dominance. I’m back and I’m not going anywhere.”

Stay tuned for more from grouptherapy. In the meantime, check out the previous two releases from TJW and KOI below.

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