Maroon 5 approves of the latest TikTok trend

Photo of Maroon 5 approves of the latest TikTok trend

Maroon 5 agrees that the latest TikTok trend is good. Basketball players are having fun with the new challenge, which yes, involves Maroon 5. In the middle of playing, players will stop and prance off the court in conga line fashion as Maroon 5’s “Payphone” plays in the background.

Dave Jorgenson–who makes TikToks at the Washington Post if you need more journalism TikTok content in your life–tweeted a “Payphone” TikTok and wrote that “this TikTok trend might be my favorite so far.” Maroon 5 then responded.

“We agree,” the band tweeted.

In the comments, Jorgenson asked if Maroon 5 would like to star in a Washington Post TikTok, but the band has yet to respond.

The “Payphone” soundbite on TikTok has become dominated by basketball players trying out the trend. Most of the TikToks are filmed at practice or a pickup game, but three brave boys actually payphoned off the court in the middle of a game.

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