Apple Might Be Dropping a New 16-Inch MacBook Pro Today

Photo of Apple Might Be Dropping a New 16-Inch MacBook Pro Today

As reported by Bloomberg yesterday, Apple is expected to drop its long-rumored, all-new, 16-inch MacBook Pro today. According to the publication’s tech reporter Mark Gurman, sources indicate that Apple could introduce the laptop at some point today, with sales starting at some point this week.

The key features of the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro are, as the name suggests, its larger screen, as well as a revamped keyboard. If Apple does introduce its new laptop, this will be the first major update to the series since the MacBook Pro line was redesigned three years ago.

According to the sources, Apple is moving away from its 15-inch screen in favor of a higher-resolution 16-inch version. In addition, the speakers are expected to be louder.

The same information indicates that the smaller, 13-inch MacBook Pro will not be updated. The 16-inch model will replace the current 15-inch version, which starts at $2,399, and should cost about the same.

For more information on the rumored release, head to Bloomberg’s initial report here.

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