Your Definitive Guide to Wearing Socks and Sandals This Winter

Photo of Your Definitive Guide to Wearing Socks and Sandals This Winter

With summer drawing to an end for millions around the world, embracing the loom of winter can be challenging. If you however insist on holding on to that summer feeling for a little longer, our roundup of the best sock/sandal combinations will set you straight.

Having long been considered a fashion faux pas, the combination of sock and sandal is undeniably perfect. When done right, you are met with the perfect mix of breathability, comfort, and warmth. It must however be noted that the closer we draw to winter winter, the more you should consider retiring this look until next year. Either that, or just buy thicker socks.

These buckled slides from Bottega Veneta pair perfectly with Anonymousism’s poppy knitted socks. This combination is well suited to a quick park stroll, or a trip down to your local café.

Rick Owens went full commando this season with the Tractor Sandals. The design’s semi-transparent lug tooling system demands an even heavier pair of socks, so this duo-tone Wigwam number is simply perfect.

When it comes to producing sandals, few hold a flame to the prowess of Suicoke. The Japanese footwear manufacturer is a pioneering figure in contemporary fashion’s footwear sector. Its popular MOTO silhouette is seen paired here with a pair of delicate Kapital socks.

With Malibu’s affinity for woven patterning and Missoni’s love for knitted fabrics and tonal compositions, this collaboration is a match made in sandal heaven. Seen here together with a pair of textured, cotton blend socks from MR. P., the ensemble is ideal for crisp autumn days.

It’s not quite a sandal, it’s also not not a sandal. The thought of wearing them with socks does however excite a similar skepticism. Martine Rose’s Open-Toe Loafers are the elegant touch these sporty, decal-covered Pyer Moss socks always needed.

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