Drip in Style: 11 Umbrellas We Want This Season

Photo of Drip in Style: 11 Umbrellas We Want This Season

To buy an umbrella is to accept the inevitable: it’s gonna rain.

If you, like me, recently got caught in an unexpected downpour and had to buy an overpriced tourist umbrella, consequentially undermining your whole outfit with a ramshackle brolly that turned inside out as soon as you stepped outside – you’ll know the struggle.

To remedy this, it’s worth investing in an umbrella you’re proud of – something to pop up with pride as you embrace meteorological uncertainty.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing an appropriate rain shield, though. Firstly there’s the handle; are you looking for something more traditional, like the natural bamboo grip from London Undercover below? Or something a bit more intimidating, such as the collapsible tartan umbrella with a carved black skull on the handle, which is pure Alexander McQueen. Our selection also includes a graphic raindrop umbrella from UK streetwear label Jehu-Cal, a sleek semi-transparent option from The Conveni, and a monogram print from Burberry.

Check out our favorite umbrellas this season in the list below.

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