Steal Alert: The adidas Continental 80 sneaker for $45 (free shipping & returns too)

Photo of Steal Alert: The adidas Continental 80 sneaker for $45 (free shipping & returns too)

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Nordstrom: adidas Continental 80 sneakers – $45 ($80)

Our man Jason P. claims these have replaced his Stan Smiths in rotation. He even said “Long live the new king” at the end of his full review, which you can find over here.

Now just because I (the Joe guy) am still firmly on #teamStan, that doesn’t mean the Continental 80 aren’t great sneakers. Especially at $45. With free shipping. Both ways. Internal Dappered sneaker Monarchy civil conflict be darned.

After 450+ reviews on Nordstrom, these are 4.5/5 stars. That’s no small accomplishment. Oddly nice leather, even at full price, let alone at $45 which is absurd. French terry clothing lining. Nice subtle branding. Clean and mean and super versatile. Currently price matched at Nordstrom in the white option, which comes with that just-enough-contrast, sweet, almost Gucci-like(?) double side stripe.

No idea when this deal expires at Nordstrom, since it’s a price match. And I have no clue who out there is selling these for $45. (Which is what triggers a price match. Someone tells Nordy customer service they found something they carry, somewhere else, for less, and Nordy price matches across the board.) But $45 seems worthy of a Saturday steal alert though. I mean, $60 is usually a really nice sale price on the Continental 80. But forty-five? Four-FIVE? And again, they ship and return for free.

Almost all sizes available at post time.

That’s all. Carry on.

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