Go Behind Netflix’s Dominance in This Documentary Trailer

Photo of Go Behind Netflix’s Dominance in This Documentary Trailer

Nearly a year later , we finally have another trailer and release date for Netflix Vs. the World. In it, director Shawn Cauthen takes a look at the two-decade journey of the streaming giant, as it transformed from delivering rentals to creating its own content.

The doc includes key figures including Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph and the original team, as well as rivals like former Blockbuster CEO John Antioco. Blockbuster even had the chance to buy the company in its infancy, but balked at a $50 million price tag. The company even came close to killing Netflix in 2007 by launching its own service.

Of course, you know how the roles have reversed. Netflix is now valuated at more than HBO, Warner Bros., and Fox combined. The documentary will look at the repercussions to that, as well as what the future may look like.

Watch the trailer above, and look for Netflix Vs. the World to premiere November 19 at the Lone Star Film Festival.

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