Did Dev Hynes Invent the Dad Cap?

Photo of Did Dev Hynes Invent the Dad Cap?

The short answer to the titular question is no — dads invented the dad cap, obviously. But as Ezra Koenig sagely noted in our recent digital cover story, it was Dev Hynes who pioneered the cheap tourist hat, making it his own and bringing it into the lives of young people everywhere.

“[Hynes is] definitely the first person I saw doing cheap tourist stuff, but in a purposeful, cool way,” said the Vampire Weekend frontman. And it’s true. Koenig has pinpointed part of what makes Hynes’ fashion choices so memorable: he’s a master at layering different codes together and re-contextualizing pieces that don’t necessarily scream “fashion” initially.

The main appeal about Hynes’ style is that it’s, well, actually personal. He’s a classic fashion anorak and knows his fashion designers, from Galliano to Ghesquieré, inside out. “The number one weird thing about me is that I know so much about fashion — like a psycho amount,” Hynes told Koenig, before explaining his affinity for Alexander McQueen, a fellow Essex boy.

In the age of the celebrity stylist where many people in the public eye look unnaturally dressed (sorry, Joe Jonas), Hynes’ organic – and well-informed – alloy of high fashion, vintage, sportswear, and dandy-ish tailoring sets him apart as an unquestionably unique style icon.

Coming back to the main point, a key component of Hynes’ style is his on-point headwear (we’ll conveniently ignore his furry hat-wearing days as Lightspeed Champion), particularly the recurring dad caps. The slightly oversized, cotton five-panel accessory is one of the few consistent items when it comes to the frontman’s eclectic sartorial tastes, adding a louche, unfuckwithable quality that makes you want to bolt to the closest thrift shop for a day of rummaging.

Sure, Hynes, may not have invented the dad cap, but he wears one in a way that no one else can. Scroll below to see our favorite looks.

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