Three Women Arrested After Dog Was Found With Legs Cut Off


Three women in Louisiana were recently arrested after allegedly harming a paralyzed dog, whose hind legs appear to have been sawed off.

According to a spokesperson from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office (STPSO) in a press release, Buddy — a two-year-old dachshund — was discovered on September 25 by a Slidell, LA resident at a mobile park home in the pouring rain.

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When local animal rescue, Dante’s Hope East, were called to the scene, the group contacted authorities after discovering the canine’s back legs were missing.

Following an investigation, police discovered the pup’s owners were a 50-year-old Slidell woman and her 17-year-old daughter.

They also found out Buddy was shot in February 2019. While the mother and child notified authorities about the gun wound, they allegedly did not take the dog to receive medical care.

After getting injured, the hound suffered from partial paralysis in his hind legs, and was unable to walk. Because of his wound, the pooch was forced to drag his legs behind him — resulting in severe sores.

When police asked the two women about the dog’s missing legs, they allegedly said they “fell off” after they bandaged them too tight.

On the contrary, when a board-certified veterinarian orthopedic surgeon evaluated Buddy, the professional came to the conclusion the pup’s wounds were “maliciously inflicted” by his owners and ruled out any possibility of his legs being removed by a vet or by natural means.

Buddy is currently receiving much-needed medical care at Dante’s Hope East.

Per the STPSO, the mother and daughter were both arrested for Aggravated Cruelty to Animals.

While the 50-year-old was booked for failing to properly care for the dog when he was shot, she was eventually released on a summons.

The 17-year-old — who was determined to be responsible for the dog’s condition — was booked into the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center on September 30.

Additionally, a 17-year-old friend — who allegedly admitted to leaving Buddy at the mobile park home — was arrested on September 27 for Cruelty to Animals. However, she was released on a custodial agreement to a responsible adult.

Last month, a Facebook fundraiser was organized by Gina Polk-Derouen for Buddy’s medical expenses. She wrote:

“We are letting the proper authorities take care of the [criminals that] did this..Our first priority is to save Buddy. BUT WE WILL NOT SIT QUIET! This level of cruelty is unexceptable!… We cant give any details of the case… but you can know that if they dont seek justice we will be LOUD. Its time for change and new laws protecting our animals! Please help us save Buddy so he can live a better life away from the hell he has been in. He deserves a loving home.”

Any extra funds will go toward six other dogs, who are in need of surgery.

As of this writing, over $21,000 has been raised.

You can donate .

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