Man Allegedly Poses As FedEx Worker To Tie Up Family & Steal $100K In Cash & Jewels!


A man was allegedly caught on video impersonating a FedEx worker (not pictured above) to tie up and then steal from a Brooklyn family.

In the shocking clip — which was first posted on Reddit and is believed to be shared on WeChat, a Chinese social media app — the suspect is seen wearing an official-looking uniform as he approaches the 69th Street residence. With a box in hard, he knocks on the door and somebody lets him inside.

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However, a different man — dressed in a blue shirt, cap, and backpack — appears and enters the home.

Via a home camera inside the property, the two alleged thieves tape the hands, feet, and mouths of two women and one man.

The second guy allegedly pushes what looks like a giant black safe toward one of the female victims, and screams at her to “open it” while the first individual applies tape to the male victim’s mouth.

Once the safe is open, the second guy allegedly pushes it out of view, and enters a room near the rear of the property.

The man who dressed up as the FedEx employee says out loud:

“Tell me when you’re there.”

The fake worker then holds up a handheld two-way radio and speaks in Spanish to an unidentified individual — possibly a getaway driver — on the other line.

The man then allegedly tapes the female victim’s feet together, and rushes out the back with the second guy.

Once the two men appear to drive away, one of the female victims gets up and hops to the front door before hopping into the back room.

The entire scene lasted less than 10 minutes, and the two men allegedly walked away with $50,000 in cash and $80,000 in jewelry.

Reportedly, officials say they do not possess the footage.

WATCH the horrifying clip HERE.

Sadly, this is not the first time someone has allegedly impersonated a FedEx staff member.

According to ABC7 Eyewitness News in New York, in June of this year, two alleged criminals were caught on camera attempting to rob a man in the Bronx.

The pair were seen wearing uniforms, and even carried a package with them.

After they buzzed into the building, one of the guys allegedly tried to punch a 23-year-old man who opened his apartment door.

The alleged thieves pulled out knives but ran off after they realized the victim’s brother was inside the residence.

The two were seen driving away from the area in a black four-door sedan.

[Image via WENN.]

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