Marine Serre SS20 Explores Post-Apocalyptic Survival Wear

Photo of Marine Serre SS20 Explores Post-Apocalyptic Survival Wear

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For its Spring/Summer 2020 runways show, Marine Serre blends post-apocalyptic survival wear and adorable dogs at Paris Fashion Week. Marine explores a dystopian future with a diverse cast, “closely knit together by their past experiences and shared troubles under the old establishment.” The runway symbolizes apocalypse survivors starting over and moving away from the old establishments of “outdated nature-culture divide”.

For the collection, Serre features themes of rebellion, radicalism, and autonomy through Moiré uniforms, leather embossed pants and shaped dresses, oily raincoats, shaped black satin looks. She explores a range of brown and red silhouettes on jacquard styles, toward a desert scuba-djellaba dress made of fluid red silk scarf. Also on the line-up were oily, recycled plastic raincoats, suits crafted from towels, sculpted satin bodysuits, as well as sheer tattoo-detail tops indebted to Gaultier and Margiela.

Other highlights include a blend of animal prints pieced together on bias-cut dresses, crocheted vests and shawls layered over lace smocks embellished with flowers, and draped gowns.

Take a closer look at Marine Serre’s SS20 collection above.

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