Illinois High School Student Suspended After Misquoting Future Lyrics

Photo of Illinois High School Student Suspended After Misquoting Future Lyrics

A freshman at Illinois’ Washington Community High School has been suspended after another student overheard him misquote Future lyrics. According to the student’s father, however, his son was merely singing a lyric to “Draco,” a track off Future’s 2017 self-titled album.

The father, Brandon Porter, told the local ABC affiliate that his son was singing the song as he headed to the bus after class when he mistakenly replaced “Draco” with “AK” in the line “Draco season with the bookbag.” A female student who overheard the erroneous lyric felt threatened and subsequently reported him to school officials.

Following a police investigation, the student has received three out-of-school suspensions and three in-school suspensions and also is not allowed to attend extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year. According to his father it was simply a mistake with no malicious intent. “He didn’t come out and just say, ‘Hey I’m going to do this to this person or do this here at this place.’ You know what I mean? He was singing lyrics.”

This news comes a day after a 21-year-old University of South Alabama student was arrested and charged with making terrorist threats for writing Tyler, the Creator lyrics on a school board.

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