Barack Obama fist bumps with Greta Thunberg and tells her ‘we’re a team’

Photo of Barack Obama fist bumps with Greta Thunberg and tells her ‘we’re a team’

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Barack Obama called teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg ‘one of the planet’s greatest advocates’ when they met this week.

The former US president told her she was ‘changing the world’ before they sat down to chat about the school strikes she helped inspire.

Thunberg, 16, praised the enthusiasm of students taking part in climate change demonstrations in New York and Washington DC, which she also attended.

The Swedish eco-warrior told Obama: ‘No one is too small to have an impact and change the world so just do everything you can. Be creative’.

At the end of their meeting, Obama tells Thunberg: ‘You and me we’re a team. Do you know about fist bumping? Do you believe in fist bumping?’

The former president and the activist fist bumped after Monday’s meeting (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)
The Swedish environmental campaigner has inspired school strikes around the world (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)
She took part in strikes in Washington and New York after sailing to America from the UK (Picture: AP)

The charming meeting has made people nostalgic about the predecessor of climate change sceptic Donald Trump.

The POTUS has sought to get rid of many laws limiting greenhouse gas emissions put into place under the Obama administration.

It comes after Thunberg arrived in New York on a zero-emissions yacht to attend the UN climate change summit.

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