Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance x Tai Ping

Photo of Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance x Tai Ping

Luxury carpet house Tai Ping has just released Raw, a first-time collaboration with French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance that was inspired by minerals. Raw explores the origins of our planet, the formation of the Earth, the foundation of civilization, and the tension found in tectonic plates. Tai Ping was able to bring the vision to life through a mix of pile heights, bold color combinations, and a blend of wool, silk, jute, lurex, and Field, one of Tai Ping’s enhanced performance yarns. In the end, the rugs seem to be carved almost like a piece of flint – translating the idea of a hard surface into something soft.

“By introducing this reference to untamed nature, I aim to translate something raw into a smooth and elegant anchor inside the home,” Duchaufour-Lawrance shared of the eleven-piece collection. “I always reference the fundamentals in my work, and nature’s universal language. Rocks are inherent elements of that vocabulary and an important source of personal inspiration, both in their natural form and as sculpted pieces.”

Anne-Laure Tonnerre, Head of Communications for Tai Ping Europe, adds, “What we love about this collection is the idea of reinventing the rug. With Noé, it’s more than just a picture on the floor, so we move away from the rectangular frame. The rounded shapes themselves – which remind us of the architectural spaces he creates – are an invitation to regroup around them. Above all, we saw in Noé’s drawings the possibility to push even further the boundaries of our talents as interpreters of a designer’s ideas into form.”

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