Britney Spears’ Sons Get Restraining Order Against Grandfather Jamie As More Details Of Alleged Abuse Come Out

Photo of Britney Spears’ Sons Get Restraining Order Against Grandfather Jamie As More Details Of Alleged Abuse Come Out

Britney Spears‘ two sons, 13-year-old Sean Preston and 12-year-old Jayden James, have been granted a restraining order against their grandfather, Jamie Spears.

As we reported, on August 25, dad Kevin Federline filed a police report claiming his ex-wife’s father abused the 13-year-old the day before.

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According to documents filed in Los Angeles County obtained by The Blast on Tuesday, the male dancer’s attorney, Mark Vincent-Kaplan, demanded his client’s children be protected from the 67-year-old.

With the domestic violence restraining order put in place, Jamie has been barred from contacting the two boys.

Reportedly, the papers were filed amid Kevin and Britney’s ongoing custody battle.

While it was previously reported Federline would retain custody of the children 70% of the time, the publication says he will now have them 90% of the time — practically full custody.

Reportedly, Federline and his lawyers gave Britney a list of demands and terms of protection — all of which she agreed to.

Now, her visits with her kids will need to be monitored by another adult (not Jamie) who has been approved by Kevin and the court.

Britney has also reportedly been disallowed from having any overnight visits.

According to law enforcement sources via TMZ on Tuesday, Jamie and his 13-year-old grandson got into a heated argument.

Per The Blast that same day, the boy became fearful of his grandfather’s reaction, and ran into his room where he locked the door.

Allegedly, Jamie then broke down the door, put his hands on the minor, and “violently shook” him.

According to TMZ, there were no visible bruises or injuries.

Britney then removed her children from the home and gave them to Federline, who found out about the drama, and reported the alleged crime the next day.

Reportedly, all parties have spoken to investigators, and the case has been submitted to the Ventura County District Attorney for review.

The Blast alleges Jamie is likely to be slapped with a misdemeanor battery charge for allegedly “inflicting unjustifiable physical pain on a child.”

However, the decision to charge Jamie or not ultimately lies in the District Attorney’s hands.

As seen on Instagram last month, the musician took her children to Disneyland where they went on rides, and enjoyed the theme park’s food. She posted:

Britney Spears and her children at Disneyland. / (c) Britney Spears/Instagram

The songstress added the caption:

“Great time at Disneyland today …. but I don’t remember ever getting that wet on splash mountain

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