Kevin Abstract and Shia LaBeouf Discuss Therapy & Trust Issues in New Interview

Photo of Kevin Abstract and Shia LaBeouf Discuss Therapy & Trust Issues in New Interview

For its fall 2019 issue, i-D magazine recruited Shia LaBeouf to interview his good friend Kevin Abstract.

LaBeouf and Abstract get together for weekly therapy sessions at the BROCKHAMPTON house in LA, where they open up about what each of them is feeling that week. In the in-depth Q&A, Abstract opened up about the fruits of these sessions, insecurities, and dealing with fame.

LaBeouf started the interview by telling Abstract that he is “a huge chunk of my joy in my life as of late.” He then revealed that Abstract started the therapy sessions as a way to be more vulnerable with BROCKHAMPTON, but that at the beginning the rapper was “the least talkative motherfucker in the whole room.”

For Abstract the sessions are a way for him to cope with his “weird trust issues.” He explains: “Success made me even more paranoid but I’ve always been on edge.” While the rapper admits he always dreamt of fame, actually having it is not what he imagined: “It’s not the stuff I grew up romanticizing. Trying to find my place within it all is like, damn that’s not what I thought of when I was younger.”

It seems the therapy sessions with LaBeouf have helped Kevin Abstract embrace being vulnerable. “I cry all the time,” he says “Lately, I’ve been crying a lot. On stage, I try to hold back. I turn around you know, before. I don’t think it makes me weak or anything, I think I’m just afraid.”

Read the full interview over at i-D.

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