Why Can’t the World’s Chillest Shirt Be a Sportswear Staple?

Photo of Why Can’t the World’s Chillest Shirt Be a Sportswear Staple?

For our latest collaboration, Highsnobiety has teamed-up with Chinatown Market for a selection of smiley face-adorned accessories and Hawaiian shirts that were actually made in Hawaii.The limited drop is available to buy via our online store

Hawaiian shirts have enjoyed a come up in the fashion world quite unlike any other item. It can be worn as an ironic statement piece, or you can channel your inner Leo DiCaprio via his ’90s Romeo + Juliet era.

The shirt originated (obviously) in Hawaii back in the 1920s. In the century that followed, it has since gone global, becoming a staple garment that can be in vintage stores around the world. The colorful fabric remains the primary textile export of the Hawaiian manufacturing industry.

For Highsnobiety’s partnership with Chinatown Market, we went back to the source. All four of the shirts available were made in Hawaii out of 100 percent cotton and then sent to Los Angeles to be screen-printed — by hand — in the label’s studio. In addition to the range of shirts, there are two vibrant bucket hats, featuring the smiley logo on the top; and two pairs of Chanel-inspired sunglasses, made in collaboration with AKILA.

Shirts on, worn unbuttoned, we then took them to the gym to work out. If the fabric is breathable (which 100% cotton is), then why would we not utilize it as a piece of sportswear?

The shirts and accessories are available exclusively via Highsnobiety’s online store

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