From Socks to Skateboards, Selfridges Is Stocked With BAPE Goods

Photo of From Socks to Skateboards, Selfridges Is Stocked With BAPE Goods

Founded by pioneer Nigo in 1993, BAPE gave birth to the streetwear release formula and ensuing hype as we know it. Once a cult Japanese T-shirt label with scarce product availability, the brand became a global mainstay of coveted casual clothing. While the prospect of buying BAPE once meant a frantic hunt for the cheapest possible flight to Japan or parting with a hefty amount of cash via eBay, you can now find a range of A Bathing Ape clothing and accessories online. Be warned, though, counterfeit BAPE goods are still rife on the internet, so it’s best sticking to one of the trustworthy retailers that stock the brand, including Selfridges.

Coming in the brand’s signature camo print, which now carries an iconic status, this long-sleeve shirt is a standout piece that features velcro “BAPE” and “WGM” patches, adding some customizability to your cop.

BAPE continues to provide in the accessories game too. At Selfridges, current highlight products include the branded skate deck, coming in Canadian maple wood and with a spacey print, as well as the camo bucket hat with under-chin drawstring, from the brand’s FW19 collection.

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