DC Shoes Expands Premium DC Reserve Program & Teases New Collaborations

Photo of DC Shoes Expands Premium DC Reserve Program & Teases New Collaborations

Call it a comeback if you will, but DC’s popularity in recent years — due in large part to a refocused strategy and a spate of high-profile
— has prompted the California skate brand to revamp its range of heritage sneakers and create a new forum for expression
through its exclusive DC Reserve program.

Launched just over a year ago, DC Reserve celebrates and expands upon some of DC’s most iconic
styles by offering limited-edition OG reissues, collabs with some of the most sought after designers and brands, and exclusive new colorways
— all in a bid to merge its rich history with a refined vision for the future of skateboarding.

In the early ‘90s, DC pioneered a unique vision of blending skate with fringe cultures that were just coming up, namely graffiti and streetwear,
and took them mainstream. Now, as DC plans to expand and grow the program with a slate of new releases for 2019 and beyond, we spoke with some
of the people and brands behind the scenes who were pivotal to DC’s growth to see what they’ve been cooking up.

DC cares deeply about self-expression and paved the way for collaboration culture in sneakers during the early aughts with a first-of-its-kind
artist series program, and DC Reserve, in a way, is the culmination and progression of that work. “[DC] Reserve is a space for them to experiment,
kind of go outside of a comfort zone,” explained
former DC footwear designer Sung Choi, who designed the Lynx — arguably DC’s most iconic sneaker.
“These projects are the culmination of two different energies: DC and the partnership.”
By partnering with local brands and designers intimately tied to the skate community, like Los Angeles-based FTP and Australian label Sports
Class, DC continues to spur dialogue and create conversations around modern skate culture in ways that are authentic to both themselves
and the sport.

DC recently brought Choi back on board to lead the DC Reserve program and remarks on some of his favorite upcoming projects to date,
including a super luxe version of the Lynx that designer Jon Buscemi has reworked. Watch the video above to see what else is in
store for the DC Reserve program in 2019 and the year to come, and stay tuned for the next exclusive drop.

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