Welcome To The Kangaroo Sanctuary Of Central Australia

Photo of Welcome To The Kangaroo Sanctuary Of Central Australia

In 2015, Brolga, an Australian man who was living out in the bush with his family of kangaroos, decided to build a 188-acre sanctuary for kangaroos in Central Australia. His vision was to rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned baby kangaroos back into the wild and to serve as a refuge for all kangaroos that have been raised by wildlife carers and cannot be released back into the wild due to injury and to provide them with good quality of life.

Brolga was approached by the BBC UK in 2011 and was asked if he would be interested in making a documentary about his work with kangaroos. Brolga thought this would be a great way to raise more awareness about the plight of kangaroos orphaned by highway accidents and about kindness towards animals around the world. The BBC went on to make the documentary Kangaroo Dundee which was a huge success. Kangaroo Dundee has just completed its third series which aired in 2016.

On its Instagram page, the sanctuary shares some cute photos and videos of baby kangaroos.

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