How Moscow Mitch Helped The Russkies And Himself In Kentucky


Mitch McConnell called the timing of when sanctions were lifted against some Russian companies entirely coincidental, and that he had no knowledge of the deal brokered the night before in Zurich. For many people, that seems like a bald-faced lie and borders on a criminal act by McConnell, if not treasonous.

A few weeks ago, the Senate Majority Leader took great offense to the suggestion that there was in fact any gambling going on in the casino.

I wonder what Mitch McConnell's cut was?

Source: Washington Post

In January, as the Senate debated whether to permit the Trump administration to lift sanctions on Russia’s largest aluminum producer, two men with millions of dollars riding on the outcome met for dinner at a restaurant in Zurich.

On one side of the table sat the head of sales for Rusal, the Russian aluminum producer that would benefit most immediately from a favorable Senate vote. The U.S. government had sanctioned Rusal as part of a campaign to punish Russia for “malign activity around the globe,” including attempts to sway the 2016 presidential election.

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