Tom Brokaw's Job Is To 'Both Sides' Mass Shootings


It's not hard to catch Tom Brokaw using the "both sides" trope to cover right-wing horror. He has a history of doing so, as one everyday blogger pointed out his morning:

But by far his most important function at NBC is as a face which octogenarian viewers will vaguely remember as credible, and will reliably stick to the Both Sides Do It party line regardless of the time or circumstances. Because at long last he only has that one, lonely thought whizzing around and around his brain at superconducting speeds.

Six years ago they thawed out Brokaw to appear on David Gregory's Meet the Press shit-show, and he literally could not wait two complete sentences before leaping to invoke the Great and Powerful "Both Sides Do It" lie:

TOM BROKAW: Well, I really think that, behind the headlines-- this is the Washington Post this morning, and it says that, "Obama seems 2014 as key to his legacy." What we have going on here, 18 months out, are both sides positioning themselves for trying to retain control on the Republican side of the House, and maybe even win the Senate; the president trying to build a legacy of some kind. There's a whole lot of politics in this, as there is in everything else. Kind of two villages, clashing with each other, who seem to occupy a separate universe.

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