Exclusive: Live Updates From the Third Day of A$AP Rocky’s Assault Trial

Photo of Exclusive: Live Updates From the Third Day of A$AP Rocky’s Assault Trial

The third day of A$AP Rocky’s assault trial has begun. Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, has been held in detention in Stockholm, Sweden since July 3. He has pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault charges on the grounds of self-defense.

Yesterday, Rocky gave testimony claiming that the situation got “scary” for him and his entourage and that they were trying to deescalate the situation. The plaintiff Mustafa Jafari, 19, accuses Rocky, 30, and his entourage of deliberately attacking him.

In collaboration with DOPEST.se, Highsnobiety is on the ground in the courtroom. Scroll down for live updates from the trial as they come through.

9:55: Prosecutor Daniel Sunesson begins by interrogating the second witness (W2). He wants her to recount the entire event.

09:52: The other witness is shown on video. She says that she is fine. The chairman is going through the rules and laws again. According to earlier reports, the witnesses felt uncomfortable and did not want to take part in the trial.

09:50: They’re now calling the second witness, the first witness’ friend who was according to WITNESS 1 the person who recorded the incident.

9:49: The prosecutor asks if the witness was allowed to approve the statement when it was read. She answers “yes” and with that ends her testimony.

9:47: Attorney: “Do you remember what color clothes you had on that day?

Witness: “I wore a black shawl and black sweater.”

Attorney: “When the bottle crashes, is that something you hear but don’t see?”

Witness: “Yes.”

Attorney: :So the incident happens behind your back”

Witness: “Everything went so fast, we ran away and we hear glass smashed behind us.”

Attorney: “Do you have any idea what happened to the bodyguard when the glass was broken?”

Witness: “, I don’t know what he’s doing.”

Attorney: “The only thing you can say for sure is that A$AP Rocky throws him to the ground.”

Witness: “Yes”

09:46: Attorney: “Can you describe the mood of the two groups?”

Witness: “When they talked to us, [both groups were very calm.”

Witness: “Rocky and his entourage were upset because they felt they were being persecuted.”

Attorney: “How were the others?”

Witness: “He was calm but very angry. He wanted his headphones.”

9.45am: Attorney: :Do you remember if you got to see the interview afterward and approved it?”

Witness: “Yes, he read it over the phone, the witness says.”

Attorney: “But you haven’t seen what is written down? Have you read it?”

Witness: “No.”

09:44: Slobodan Jovicic (A$AP Rocky’s attorney) asks how the interrogation with the police happened. The witness says it was over the phone. He says the hearing goes on for 28 minutes. “It would take 20 minutes,” she says.

09:43: The plaintiff’s counsel points out that the statements now differ from the witness’ previous statements. The witness has previously said that the plaintiff asked for help and wanted the women to call the police.

Counsel Magnus Strömberg asks if she remembers who contacted the police.

Witness: “My friend. After all, he was unconscious.”

09:40: Prosecutor stops questioning. Now up is counsel Magnus Strömberg.

09:39: Prosecutor: “Did you see any traces of bottles after the event?”

Witness: “No I just saw some glass. It was a broken bottle, but I don’t remember. I saw glass on the ground.”

09:38: Prosecutor: “Your memories from the scene, are they the same as what we see in the video?”

Witness: “That’s the only thing that happens.”

09:37: She says one of her friends was filming the event.

09:36: When asked if she saw the plaintiff trying to hit someone, she replies that she did not witness that. The prosecutor asks how she knew it was A$AP Rocky’s bodyguard on the scene. She says it’s logical, “We understood it was his guard.”

09:35: “Did the hits and the kicks connect with the 19 year old?” the prosecutor asks

Witness: “I think so. He was bleeding in his hand and he said he’s back was hurting, that’s what I saw.”

She says she doesn’t know if she saw any other injuries to the plaintiff.

9:33: “I saw kicks and punches from everyone.” The witness doesn’t know how many they were. His two friends, his guard and ASAP Rocky.

09:33: “Did the police misunderstand all your answers?” the prosecutor asks.

09:31: The Prosecutor is continuing to read from the previous statements, where the witness said the plaintiff wass beaten on the back with a glass bottle. She explains that the plaintiff said he had back pain and that’s why she thought he had been hit by a glass bottle. She denies that she said a glass bottle was broken in connection with the fight. The witness says the interrogator may have misunderstood her.

From the interrogation: “Did the bottle break when they where fighting?”

Witness: “Yes I think it broke because I heard it’’

9:30: The prosecutor reads some sentences from the witness’ previous statement, which he says differ significantly from what is said today. Quote from the witness:”They in the A$AP gang had had enough, and one of A$AP Rocky’s friends had glass bottles and they hit the guy with the glass.” The witness says that is not true at all. She thinks they misunderstood her in the interrogation. She says one of them had the glass but she didn’t know who it was. The bottom line is that the witness in previous police interrogations said that she had seen one of Rocky’s friends hit the plaintiff with the glass. Now she says she didn’t seen anyone get hit with the glass.

9:29: She says she knew who A$AP Rocky was when she was on the street. She did not see him with a glass but saw one of his friends holding a glass, but did not know who it was.

09:28: When asked how she saw the glass breaking, she replied she hadn’t seen the glass breaking, she just heard it. ‘’We were terrified and everything went so fast.” She doesn’t remember who had the glass bottle. She remembers the plaintiff bleeding afterwards.

Prosecutor: “Did Rocky hold a glass?”

– Witness: “No.”

– Prosecutor: “Who did?”

– Witness: “One of his friends.”

09:27: The prosecutor asks; “Who harassed who?”

– Witness: “The 19 year old and his friend harassed a girl.”

– Prosecutor: “Did that girl say that to ASAP Rocky?”

– Witness: “Yes.”

9:25: The witness says Rocky threw the guy to the ground and after that, hit and kicked him. She also tells him that the friend of the plaintiff refused to stay and leaves the scene.

09:24: She goes on to say that two girls showed up and say that the plaintiff and his friend harassed them.

09:23: “Should I tell them who you are so he can leave you alone?” Rocky answered that he didn’t want her to tell them, he just wanted to be left alone.

09:22: Rocky’s bodyguard had asked the girls to translate for them and “ask [the plaintiff] to leave us alone”. The bodyguard told the plaintiff that he could hurt him but doesn’t want to. She says that the plaintiff insisted he wanted his headphones.

She says that Rocky got into a discussion with the plaintiff and tried to calm the situation down. ‘’We saw that the guard was bleeding on his hand. Then we saw his guard telling the guys to leave them in peace. The guy said he wanted his headphones.”

She says that Rocky got into the discussion and tried to calm the situation down. ‘’We saw that the guard was bleeding on his hand.’’ ‘’Then we saw his guard telling the guys to leave them in peace. The guy said he wanted his headphones.

9.20: The witness tells how she was at MAX to eat, when they saw Rocky and got excited. They wanted to go out to take a picture with him but saw him having a discussion with some people.

09:19: A$AP Rocky’s mother and other relatives come into the room.

9:17: The Prosecutor opens the hearing and asks questions.

09:16: The witness makes an oath. The Chairman announces that this means she must speak the truth and that she’s speaking under criminal liability

09:14: The court calls the first witness, who will testify by video. She says she’s “a little nervous”

09:13: The court will decide whether the video clip may be used as evidence after lunch.

09:11: The plaintiff’s counsel, Magnus Strömberg, discusses the YouTube clip yesterday that was shown after Slobodan Jovicic objected to the material. He says it was used to disprove A$AP Rocky’s claim that he was never called “Harlem”.

9:08: All three defenders invoke the verdict. Reference is made to the plaintiff’s previous criminal history.

9:04: A$AP Rocky steps in with his lawyer, this time wearing a suit. The Chairman welcomes everyone and goes through the rules

09:03: The 19-year-old plaintiff steps into the courtroom as well as the two suspected friends of A$AP Rocky.

09:01: People continue to arrive at the courthouse. Among the audience are relatives, Donald Trump’s envoy, hostage expert Robert O’Brien. A$AP Rocky’s mom is not there yet

08:56: The chairman and the board members are in place, the media was released at 08.30. There is less press here than yesterday.

For a complete timeline of A$AP Rocky’s arrest in Sweden, head here.

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