This Instagram Account Is a Gold Mine of Amazing Obscure Sneakers

Photo of This Instagram Account Is a Gold Mine of Amazing Obscure Sneakers

We live in a world where information about every sneaker release is at our fingertips, either via social media or here at Highsnobiety. Such accessibility of information has helped the sneaker industry grow at a spectacular rate, but it has also brought with it an element of homogeneity. Flick through a few sneaker and street style accounts on Instagram. How many YEEZYs, Off-White™ x Nikes, and hyped releases from recent months do you see?

Enter @obscuresneakers, an Instagram account whose mission is to shine a light on — you guessed it — obscure sneakers from the last few decades. Stefano Gugliotta, the Miami native and digital marketer who runs the account, has made it his mission to highlight the brands and models that don’t get enough love. Some of the shoes documented are obscure because they’re so rare that no one knows about their existence, whereas others were ahead of their time and due some retrospective praise, especially now old-school sportswear is all the rage.

We spoke to Gugliotta find out what inspired the account, what trends he sees making a comeback, and what it’s like to have Ronnie Fieg and Sean Wotherspoon follow your account.

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