New evidence suggests a Google Pixelbook 2 could finally land this year

Photo of New evidence suggests a Google Pixelbook 2 could finally land this year

Today, Google manufacturing partner Quanta filed a new application for the FCC certification of a new device (via 9to5Google). While details are sketchy at the moment, it’s very possible the device is the Google Pixelbook 2, or some sort of sequel to 2017’s Google Pixelbook.

If it is a Google Pixelbook 2, it’s likely we would see the new Chrome OS laptop launch alongside the Google Pixel 4 in October.

In the FCC filing, Quanta gives the model number of the device in question: G021A. That number lines up very nicely with Google Pixel phones, such as the Google Pixel 3 (G013A) and Google Pixel 3a (G020A).

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However, this model number does not line up nicely with the model numbers for the Google Pixelbook (GA001xx) and the Google Pixel Slate (GA003xx). As such, this might not be a Google Pixelbook 2 at all — it might be some Pixel-related device made by Quanta that we haven’t heard of yet.

Considering that Quanta makes Pixel laptops and tablets, though, and hasn’t made any Pixel smartphones, it seems a more likely bet that this is a Pixelbook or other Chrome OS-based laptop. Google could be simply restructuring the model numbers to bring it more in line with Pixel smartphones.

There are images attached the FCC filing, but they are, unfortunately, hidden until the embargo lifts in early 2020. By then, we will surely know what the device actually is.

What do you think? Are you ready for a Google Pixelbook 2, or is another (probably) pricey Chrome OS laptop not needed? Let us know in the comments!

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