Mark 50 Years Since the Moon Landing & Cop These Nods to NASA

Photo of Mark 50 Years Since the Moon Landing & Cop These Nods to NASA

For all of us except those conspiracy theorists, it’s been 50 years since the Apollo 11 touched down on the unexplored lunar surface, with NASA sending Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the moon to make that famous giant leap for mankind. Half a century on and NASA is not only making waves in space, but in fashion too.

A host of brands, from Nike to Heron Preston have launched products featuring the space agencies’ lunar-reaching logo — the very same one that graced the suits of the intrepid duo. And while it could take you lightyears to search the deep depths of the internet for these drops, luckily for you we’ve selected the best of the Nasa-themed products that you can shop right now.

Landing on our list is a NASA-print jacket from Heron Preston that wouldn’t be out of place in outer space, filled with insulating down and coming with a detachable hood. And the NASA nods don’t stop at clothing and accessories. You can still cop this Lego x NASA model of the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander — for the child in all of us.

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