Worlds Collide in the Latest ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Trailer


Two seasons in, we know we can expect anything from Westworld. This weekend during San Diego Comic-Con, a new trailer for season 3 arrived and it’s as ominous as we hoped for. While the first two seasons were titled “The Maze” and “The Door,” respectively, at the panel talk the show creators announced that the third season will be appropriately titled “The New World.”

In the clip we see Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) navigating the real world following her escape from the Wild West theme park. “I thought your world would be so different from mine. There’s no difference at all, is there?” She says in a voiceover. She is joined by Westworld newcomers Aaron Paul, Lena Waithe and Vincent Cassel.

Other parts of the trailer show familiar faces. In a sinister sequence we see Thandie Newton’s Maeve as a host in a new park, one that appears to be set in Nazi-occupied Europe. Elsewhere, we also get a glimpse at the drama unfolding at the Delos facility, where Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is plotting to take down Delores.

“In season three, we discard with metaphor and deal with the world as it is: a giant shit,” co-creator Jonathan Nolan said at the panel talk.

You can watch Westworld‘s Season 3 trailer above. The show will return to HBO in 2020.

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