Doublet’s “Surprise!” FW19 Collection Blends Streetwear With Vintage Horror

Photo of Doublet’s “Surprise!” FW19 Collection Blends Streetwear With Vintage Horror

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Brand: Doublet

Season: FW19

Key Pieces: Doublet’s latest collection is laced with scary clown imagery, skeletal overlays, and ghoul-like graphics. Visual elements are taken one step further with even more frightening motifs printed on the inside of T-shirts and knitted sweaters, so that they may be turned inside out and worn over the wearer’s head like a mask.

Release Date: July 13, 2019

Buy: Antonioli, 017 and other select retailers listed on

Editor’s Notes: Dubbed “Surprise!,” the disruptive brand’s newest offering takes a sharp turn away from its playful SS19 collection. This time, Doublet’s Masayuki Ino conjures up a nightmarish batch of designs with classic horror motifs sprawled throughout. With glow-in-the-dark graphics and a haunting range of balaclavas completing the collection’s more eccentric side, a selection of stripped-back suiting serves to balance the overall aesthetic.

Overarching streetwear staples retain a certain punk edge, holding fast to Doublet’s stand-out aesthetic. It’s this fresh take on design, season after season, that keeps us surprised.

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