Tread Anything but Carefully in This Prada Derby Shoe

Photo of Tread Anything but Carefully in This Prada Derby Shoe

As we’re sure you’ve heard us mention, Prada is a fashion house that likes to turn tradition on its head. The progressive stalwart is well known for its wild combinations of past and present, taking centuries-old styles and propelling them into a fashion-forward future.

Prada’s Derby shoe is a prime example of this. The upper part of the shoe pays respect to the traditional Derby upper, which dates back to the 1800s, also making use of classic buffed leather. However, this piece is far from conservative.

A wild treaded rubber sole surrounds the Derby shoe, reflecting the brand’s recent foray into more eccentric soles, and giving the wearer an additional 2 inches. The shoe is avaialble in both a green and black colorway now from retailer SSENSE.

Take a closer look at the unorthodox kicks below.

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