Sneaker LAB Is an Environmentally Friendly Shoe Cleaning Alternative


When you’re prone to dropping a check on a fresh pair of sneakers, it’s important to have something to both clean and protect your investment. Sneaker LAB is here to change the way you care for your shoes, combining a passion for sneaker culture with science to create a line of natural cleaning products. Marketing itself as the future of sneaker care, Sneaker LAB applies biotechnology to offer you an environmentally friendly solution to caring for your kicks by utilizing a three-step routine involving the company’s Sneaker Cleaner, Odor Protector, and Sneaker Protector.

As opposed to using soap or harsh chemicals, Sneaker LAB’s Sneaker Cleaner contains natural bacteria bioengineered to break down dirt at the molecular level. This ensures the product works long after application. The brand’s Odor Protector helps treat the cause of odor, not the symptoms, utilizing bioengineered bacteria to feed on the bad smell. Lastly, the water-based Sneaker Protector coats the fibers of your shoes to prevent stains from setting in. The use of sunscreen also aids in preventing premature fading caused by the sun.

To learn more about Sneaker LAB and its environmentally friendly products, follow here.

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