Lil Uzi Vert Says ‘Eternal Atake’ Is Dropping in 3 Weeks

Photo of Lil Uzi Vert Says ‘Eternal Atake’ Is Dropping in 3 Weeks

Thanks to a video posted on Reddit, Lil Uzi Vert confirms that Eternal Atake will be dropping sooner than expected. In the video, a fan asks the Philadelphia rapper about the albums release date, which Uzi unexpectedly replies, “two weeks.”

Eternal Atake dropping in 2 weeks!! from hiphopheads

It shouldn’t come as major surprise since Uzi told fans during his Rolling Loud Miami set last month that he “finished the last song to the album.” However, to finally get a release window is a big sigh of relief for all Uzi fans who’ve been patiently waiting a year for his sophomore project.

Uzi first announced Eternal Atake in July 2018, and soon after, Heaven’s Gate cult threatened to sue him for the album artwork. By the end of 2018, instead of dropping the rumored finished project, he announced that he was “done with music.” In April 2019, Uzi dropped two new bangers titled “That’s a Rack” and “Sanguine Paradise.”

The album has been on a constant roller coaster ride this past year, but hopefully in two weeks, we’ll be listening to new Uzi. Fingers crossed!

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