Top House Republican Wants More Hearings on Russian Election Meddling

Photo of Top House Republican Wants More Hearings on Russian Election Meddling

The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee is calling for immediate hearings on the threat of meddling by Russia and others in the 2020 elections."Congress should show the American people we are prioritizing the security of our democratic institutions above partisan posturing," Republican Doug Collins of Georgia said Tuesday in a letter to Democratic chairman Jerrold Nadler.Collins pointed out that special counsel Robert Mueller concluded that U.S. national elections are still vulnerable to foreign interference. Collins told Nadler that instead of playing politics and flirting with impeaching President Donald Trump, the Judiciary Committee should hold "immediate, thorough, and productive hearings regarding Russia's ability to influence our elections.""In two or six years, President Trump will leave office. Our free elections, however, will continue for as long as America remains committed to the ideas of republicanism and democracy."In his tweeted response to Collins, Nadler did not promise any hearings."As the Mueller report details, the Trump campaign welcomed Russia's help, the president lied about it after the fact and tried to obstruct the investigation of this grave threat to our democracy. I hope Ranking Member Collins will support our efforts responding to this evidence," Nadler wrote.Congress has held various hearings on election interference, but some lawmakers have demanded more action.

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